How do I send you my fingerprints?

First you need to capture your fingerprints watch this video to learn how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlZ_AWj1w2o
Send your pictures attached to anĀ email to rachelrothjewelry@gmail.com. If I can't use a fingerprint image you have sent me I may ask for another. Please do not scan the fingerprints as scans make the fingerprints less distinct rendering them unusable.
I can also use fingerprints from a funeral home or mortuary. I understand sometimes you may only have one fingerprint and can't get another. If there is some detail in the fingerprint I will be able to edit it.

Can you use a fingerprint taken at a mortuary or funeral home?

Yes! As long as there is some detail in the fingerprint I can use it. I always edit the fingerprint to make sure there are no gaps or dark areas in the engraving. I also send you the edited fingerprint and a mock up of the jewelry to approve before I engrave.

Can you engrave on the back of the pendant?

Yes! I can engrave a few words or handwritten words on the back of any pendant. There is a $5 fee for this and you will need to select the option of "Add Back Engraving" when adding to your cart.

How long does it take for you to make my jewelry piece?

FAST PROCESSING! I pride myself on processing orders quickly without compromising quality. Most other custom jewelry shops take 2-3 WEEKS to process whereas I PERSONALLY make your order in my studio and ship it out within only 1-3 DAYS after receiving your fingerprints/handwriting, etc.
Depending on the listing and amount of items it may take longer but generally I try to get orders done within 3 days.
If you are interested in my editing process watch this video: https://youtu.be/uxlt4rJNbmA

Is the fingerprint indented into the metal of the pendant?

No. I do not indent or emboss the metal. I engrave the fingerprint into the metal.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes I do!
For multiples using the SAME fingerprints/handwriting.
2 to 5 items: 20% off *Use coupon code RRJ20A
6 to 9 items: 25% off *Use coupon code RRJ25B
10 to 20 items: 30% off *Use coupon code RRJ30C
21 or more: 35% off *Use coupon code RRJ35D
*Please contact me for quantities of different items.*

How do I care for my jewelry?

Try to protect any jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight. As with all jewelry it can be scratched and dented from wear and tear.

Store jewelry separately so it doesn't scratch other jewelry.

When doing household tasks such as cleaning be certain to remove rings.

Put your jewelry on after washing and applying any makeup/hair products.

Never wear jewelry while swimming in a swimming pool. The chlorine can cause damage to various metals.

I use a sealer over engravings which can wear off with time. Avoid contact with water, perfumes, lotions, and anything oil-based as these can eat through the sealer and tarnish the metal.

Can I add text or handwriting to the inside engraving of a ring?

Yes! I can engrave extra words or handwriting on the inside of a ring. Just let me know what words you want in the message box at checkout or send me a message with a picture of the handwriting.

Can you make a keychain instead of a necklace?

I can make any necklace into a keychain.
Just let me know in the message box at checkout that you would prefer a keychain instead.